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@lauradujoure asks the important questions after making out with @theonlyalaska5000 on stage.

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It’s the one and only @theonlyalaska5000 - it’s not rain, it’s happy tears from a very satisfied RuPaul’s Drag Race fan. (at Connections Nightclub)

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An incredibly blurry and dark photo of me, Lian and @danouement before @theonlyalaska5000 went on stage. (at Connections Nightclub)

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Thoughts on selfies

I know people hate selfies, but personally I actually quite like them. It is nice to see what people are doing but I also think it is nice that people are taking photos of themselves and they think “Hey! I look good, I want to show people how good I look.” I know with anything it can be overboard and can be a sign of trouble (particularly if someone needs it as a sign of validation from others), but overall I don’t think selfies are bad. Self-hate is too high, I like to think self-love is one of the most important things you can do and if you want to express your self-love through selfies go for it. Particularly for me, I feel like I’ve been taught by society to think of myself as lesser as other people because they won the genetic lottery and I didn’t. But I still think I look alright. By genetic lottery I’m talking about my looks - I wish I could look more masculine. However I know that I’m pretty lucky in that I’m fit and healthy and don’t have major health issues. But yes, I do at times have major insecurities of myself and my body.

Sometimes I think my selfies are a middle finger to society.

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As some of you may have heard, public servants in Australia could now be sacked or punished for expressing negative views on the government/prime minister Tony Abbott online (yes, even privately or anonymously)

This is pretty shit, however.. my work has a similar policy.

We are not to say anything denigrating our employer or company on social media. I understand the outrage, but I don’t trashtalk my employer simply because it’s unprofessional.

I keep my thoughts to myself, I will write about work stuff, but nothing specific and nothing about questioning what my employer does or their methods. MInd you, I don’t work in the public service and my employer has similar values to mine so I feel no need to tell the world. 

If there are things going on in the public service that need to be spread out there, then be 100% anonymous and tell no one at all at your work, or your private life about what you write. So here’s some tips for those who do wish to talk about work in great detail.

Keep a seperate email account that only you know about.

Don’t use a special domain, use something already hosted, livejournal, blogspot, or tumblr.

Don’t mention anything posts at work, you don’t need a fanbase of fellow staff members.

Don’t be specific that gives your department, position away or dates / times.

Don’t use easy to guess names / alias’.

Alternatively, don’t tell anyone anything at all, or as one journo tweeted today - just leak to a reporter.

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damnpeopledamnpeople said: I enjoyed reading it this year! Very smart and funny!

Thanks a lot! We’ve mostly had overall positive comments from people who read Prosh this year! We put a lot of work into Prosh to ensure that past mistakes were not repeated and I’m glad it has paid off! 

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A photo from the UWA Guild of the Prosh layout crew who wrote this year’s Prosh. What a great time! I loved being part of the Prosh writing team. I had too much fun with Prosh!

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A still from a video me and a group of friends were in for an art exhibition called Paramodel. It’s a cool photo.

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The annual FC epic retreat is over for another year!! We all had an awesome fun-filled time full if rainbows and great company XD

I’m glad my posts are on the Freedom Centre tumblr a lot these days :D

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Found in Fremantle. With the sun shining in the background, even god (or the Helix Fossil) knows that cats are better than us.

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@formwa has gotten some sweet artists from around the world to make some cool urban art. This was my favourite one. It’s not done yet though.

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I’m proud of all my students.

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The new Esplanade Youth Plaza is wicked. Fremantle once again proves it rules. (at Esplanade Youth Plaza)

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This is what an emergency coffee run after the Freedom Centre Epic Retreat looks like.

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Look at this adorable pancake I got for breakfast this morning :O